Blog Post Three – Key Message

You are acting as a public relations practitioner for (fictitious) non-profit charity “Antipodean Animal Agency”. From the details here write ONE key message.

What is the specific aspect of wildlife conservation that you want to promote in the context of this charity? Who is your target audience/public? Why? Give at least two references to illustrate your post (250-300 words only).

Public relations practitioners develop and then disseminate key messages through news releases, media advisories, fact sheets, speeches, social media, prepared statements and numerous other communication mediums (Courtright & Smudde 2010, p. 68).  A key message is designed to essentially persuade or encourage the targeted public to view an organisation and what it stands for in a favorable light (Carroll et al., 2014, p. 387). A key message is readily and easily observable, and if the target public only remembers one fact from being exposed to the campaign strategy, it should be the key message (Wilcox, et al., 2013).


WIRES is New South Wales largest organisation in the sector of wildlife preservation and boasts over 27 branches across the state (Toyne 2016). It is reasonable to assume that the organisations target public are New South Wales people who are compassionate animal lovers, or perhaps even some interstate wildlife enthusiasts.  An appropriate key message for this organisation is:

‘Antipodean Animal Agency
saves hundreds of animals lives each year, but this is not possible without your valued support. Don turn a blind eye, together we can save more lives.’

Although a written key message can be effective if sent several times, research suggests that 83% of learning is accomplished through sight and 50% of what we actually retain consists of what we see and hear combined (CQUniversity 2016).  For example, if the medium being used to target the public was Facebook I would suggest uploading a video that included the key message verbally and reinforcing it with text and imagery. If using this medium the video would need to be carefully constructed to ensure the noise and busyness of the social media platform does not distract from the message (CQUniversity 2016).

Koala Rescue

Example of an image that could be used to support the written key message.                                    Source: 



Carroll, CE, Huang-Horowitz, NC, McKeever, BW, & Williams, N 2014, ‘Key messages and message integrity as concepts and metrics in communication evaluation’, Journal of Communication Management, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 386-401.

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